Ramos Gin Fizz

  1. 2 oz gin
  2. 1 oz egg white
  3. ¾ oz heavy cream
  4. ¾ oz simple syrup
  5. ½ oz lime juice
  6. ½ oz lemon juice
  7. 5 drops orange flower water
  8. 2 oz club soda

Dry shake with whisk ball for 1min without club soda, then shake with ice for 2min. Pour club soda into chilled collins glass. Strain into glass and let sit for 1min. Tap glass a few times with knife to release bubbles into foam. Continue pouring or, if none left, funnel additional club soda into the center until foam rises above rim of glass. Place metal straw in the middle and garnish with orange twist.

By the Numbers

Strength Per Sip (ABV)

on the weaker side

Total Alcohol

1.5 shots
average strength

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